The grass ain’t always greener on the other side of the fence

This new series consist of exact pencil replica brooches made in resin and silver, as an homage to cartoonists and illustrators who have been silenced or attacked -in any way possible- for the political nature of their work. The pencil acts a symbolic object of resistance and cultural signifier of our constant fight for freedom of speech, respect, kindness and equity. Starting with these 3 brooches that represent the importance of fraternity, in this case of three different neighbor countries that share a same flag and history. A 'Mirado No.2' for Matador (Colombia), a 'Mongol No.2' for Rayma (Venezuela), and a 'Dixon No.2' for Bonil Humor Gráfico (Ecuador).

Mongol No.2
Resin, gold plated silver, steel
Dixon No.2
Resin, silver, steel
Mirado No.2
Resin, gold plated silver, steel