The project addresses gender inequality issues at a global-scale by sectioning the nipples out of the body. In them, we see different types of cultural devices that violently determine the way bodies are allowed to transit, or not, in the world. The necklace, denounces the constant censorship that female bodies receive on social media in contrast to male bodies’ freedoms. The brooch, celebrates feminist movements’ resistance in questioning the way moral values seek to control, and barely tolerate, the beauty of a naked nursing breast. And finally, the nipple piercing-tassels, showcase a sarcastic response to these censorship issues by appropriating male nipple privileges as an adaptability mechanism to achieve a –partial– female torso nudity. 

Photos by: Julian Camargo

Censorship Device
Stoneware, silver, nylon, multi-lens array

Adaptability Device
Nipple piercing tassels
Stoneware, silver, steel

Resistance Device
Stoneware, silver, steel, glass