Confluencia is the result of my time during Taller en Identidad, a design residency directed by Francisco Jaramillo (Fango) in Medellín, Colombia. Three pieces where different materials, techniques, people and craft traditions converge to showcase a multiplicity of identities. The project takes off from an interest of mine to learn about Colombian ancestral ceramic tradition La Chamba to then mix them with traditional basketry techniques from Tolima and Vichada regions –which I translated to leather– and wood carving. The monochromatic pieces celebrate the identity of the Chamba clay process in its three stages: the yellow one in its raw state, the red one with its slip-coat preparation state, and the black in its iconic fired state.

Special thanks to: Vicky, Natalia, Jose, Laura, Yecid Robayo and Margarita Echavarria 

Mentoring by: Dach & Zephir

Photos by: Juan Silva

Earthenware, leather, wood
ROJA (Red)
Earthenware, leather, wood

NEGRA (Black)
Earthenware, leather, wood